Chocolate Truffles


Hazelnut Truffle

Hazelnut paste infused into rich dark chocolate as a center and is covered with milk chocolate. This is added by hazelnuts.

Ingredients: Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut, Cream, Sea Salt   

Calories : 52  per serving 


Strawberry Truffle

A lavish blend of fresh wild dried strawberries & a splash in a rich buttery dark chocolate truffle ganache cream is resulting in a hand made luscious truffle delight.

Ingredients: dark chocolate, dried strawberries, cream   
calories : 52  per serving

Coconut Cream Truffle

Dark chocolate encases this velvety smooth coconut cream as chocolate truffle center with real toasted grated coconut & coconut milk as ganache, this is one of iris’s most popular truffle for good reason.

Ingredients: dark chocolate, dried coconut flakes, coconut milk    calories : 52  per serving 


Coffee Truffle

Coffee & chocolate, classic combo made heavenly with super dark chocolate & a rich coffee center topped with creamy coffee granuals.

Ingredients: dark chocolate, coffee powder, cream    calories : 52  per serving

Orange Truffle

Dark chocolate truffle infused with ganache made of dried oranges & its extracts.

Ingredients: dark chocolate, dried orange extracts / oil    calories : 52  per serving 



Dried pistachio flakes along with pistachio oil are combined with dark chocolate, cream as a ganache making this truffle as creamy as possible, topped with nuts.

Ingredients: dark chocolate, pistachio extracts / oil, cream    calories : 52  per serving 


Salted Caramel Truffle

Home made salted caramel made real vanilla beans and himalayan pink salt. We dip our gourmet salted caramel & into dark chocolate, : the perfect combination of sweet & savory.

Ingredients: dark chocolate, pink salt, cream    calories : 52  per serving 


Berry Delight Truffle

A dark chocolate is field with a creamy ganache made of blueberry, blackberry  to make a perfect truffle with an all dried berries topping.

Ingredients: dark chocolate, blueberry, blackberry, cream    calories : 52  per serving

Along with the above mentioned truffle, we are also producing – indian spiced truffle, almond truffle, peanut truffle, mint truffle. High % cocoa can be used on special demand